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The Louise Company supports famous people, business leaders, brands in improving their image and reputation in the eyes of the general public. Communicating effectively with the media, getting the right message across at the right time, The Louise Company develops a tailor-made strategy taking into account all the parameters (values, objectives, ethics, budgets...). The Louise Company specialises in developing messages that are accessible to the general public.


Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo

A 52-minute documentary shot during the major renovation of the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. The Louise Company followed every step of the transformation of this legendary establishment. Watch those who contributed to the metamorphosis of this classic Riviera hotel tell us about the challenges of such an endeavour.
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ADVERTAINMENT (ongoing project)

A new vineyard in Wallonia

51-year-old farmer Michel Piérard embarks on a new wine-growing adventure.
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I can’t make it, I’m climbing Ventoux!

A team of 10 Ladbrokes employees set themselves the challenge of climbing Mont Ventoux. An incredible team-building experience. The Louise Company followed their preparation.
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Maria Del Rio and Julien Lapraille’s summer recipe

Maria Del Rio et Julien Lapraille prepare fresh vegetable cannelloni, using only local produce.
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Advertising spot for Imao

Advert for Imao with Maria Del Rio. A sensory journey through the brand’s perfumes.
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